Our history

Hello, welcome to my store!
Here, I offer you handmade decoration and above all made with love from design to careful packaging ♥
And who is behind Maison Charlett? It's me, Emily, 37 years old, British by origin, creative, foodie, mother of two adorable little monsters and sales assistant, just a few months ago. But I finally took the plunge to now devote myself 100% to my fourth baby (Skye, our Australian Shepherd, being in third place #socute).
I created Maison Charlett at the end of 2021. I have always been creative with a weakness for architecture, beautiful interiors and especially decor. But how can I combine my passions with my eco-friendly side when the temptation to buy small, mass-produced decorations is everywhere? I started hunting (my favorite weekend pastime) but I also decided to beautify my interior by myself, with unique pieces, respectful of the health of my family and above all beautiful.
And good news: I decided to share my creations with you!
Although I am alone behind the creation and manufacturing of Maison Charlett items, I still have little elves who come to give me a helping hand from time to time:
  • My husband does the sanding (and there is sanding on the Terrazzo pieces!)
  • My mother, who shares the same passion for creation, is the one who creates the bags and tea towels for the boxes.
  • Friends, my advice panel!
  • And my #best sister, my number one fan, advisor, cheerleader, tester (we can't count the number of pieces she has at home!) and above all the one who motivates me when I doubt myself!
Thank you to them for their help and valuable support and thank you for reading this page until the end. I hope you will find what you are looking for in my store ♥
Emily xx

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