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Maison Charlett, designer decorative objects with Italian influence (

FILE OF 06/27/2022 - In partnership with Médias France
By creating beautiful objects in ecological resin with her own hands, Emily Charlett brings softness and color to interiors.

Driven by creation

In her youth, Emily Charlett exploited her creativity every day. But while she works in an office behind her computer, she feels that this little flame is gradually going out. “I wanted to return to creation and I discovered by chance a resin, originally used by sculptors for the theater. With this product, I wanted to create affordable, trendy and customizable decorative objects,” she explains. This is how the Maison Charlett , a pretty online store which offers many items for the home: presentation trays, candle holders, storage pots, flower pots, desk organizers, etc.

Handcrafted with a healthy product

To do this, Emily uses only an ecological and healthy resin, which does not require any solvent. In her workshop in Dordogne (24), the designer makes this resin before pouring it into her molds. And there, the magic happens. She can mix this resin with a pigment to create plain objects, in pastel colors, or create a marbled effect by lightly mixing the final composition. The Terrazzo collection, inspired by the typical know-how of the Italian region of Tuscany, is designed in three stages: the first is to spread the resin to let it dry; the second is to break this resin to sprinkle in a new mixture, before lightly sanding the creation to take care of the finishes.

Small details that make the difference

Because it can sometimes be difficult to decide between the Terracotta collection and the Terrazzo collection, Maison Charlett creates objects that combine these two specificities, for original and truly unique creations. “It’s a bit of my trademark,” says Emily. I can also personalize objects by creating color combinations that perfectly integrate the decoration and add a small detail that will make the difference.” With its creations in a minimalist but also colorful style, Maison Charlett brings craftsmanship into the home, with its pretty creations imbued with beautiful values.

While she now wants to design new objects, such as trinkets or small statues, Emily even aims to create her own molds, so that she no longer has any limits to her creativity.