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Little pots

Little Pots ~ Stylic Box

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The Stylic elementary box is the practical, aesthetic and ecological solution for your bathroom. Composed of a recycled plastic wall mount and a Burette recycled glass soap dispenser with a capacity of 500 mL, this box combines eco-conception and design.

The wall support is made from recycled plastic, an eco-material called Le Pavé® from the recycling of plastic soap and shampoo bottles, and is Made in France . The Burette glass soap dispenser offers an elegant and timeless design, while allowing you to see the amount of soap remaining.

By refilling the soap dispenser, you can Save money by avoiding buying single-use bottles of liquid soap . Additionally, the soap refill helps reduce plastic waste generated by using disposable soap bottles.

The wall mount makes it easy to attach the Burette Glass Soap Dispenser to your wall, while providing a practical and stylish solution for your bathroom. The soap dispenser is easy to fill and use thanks to its practical pour spout.

Installing the Stylic wall mount is quick and easy . It can be fixed with two stainless screws or adhesive strips (not supplied).

Opt for an eco-responsible and practical solution for your bathroom with the Stylic basic box.


Wall Mount:

Height: 6.30 cm Width: 7.00 cm Depth: 7.80 cm Opening diameter: 2.80 cm Weight: 53 g

500 mL burette (bottle):

Height: 177.2mm

Diameter: 75.6mm

Weight: 252g


  • Made in France
  • Plastic from the recycling of single-use plastic soap and shampoo bottles


  1. After degreasing, securely attach the Stylic Wall Mount to the desired location using the 2 stainless screws or special wet room adhesive strips.
  2. Insert your Burette 500 ml soap dispenser bottle into the wall holder.
  3. Lightly press the bottle to release the soap.