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Maison Charlett

Bathroom Box

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Maison Charlett x Les Bulles d’Ysaé

A soap dish, a Terrazzo Terracotta pot and a Ros'hô soap.

Choose from either the all-Terrazzo set or the half-Terrazzo, half-Terracotta set.

A 100g soap made by hand using ingredients 100% from organic farming.

A creamy foam for this soap with the soft and feminine scent of Ho wood, enriched with jojoba oil, protective of the driest skin. A gentle soap for the skin and for the planet!

Composition ; olive oil*, raw shea butter*, coconut oil*, water, glycerin (naturally produced by sponification), jojoba oil*, howood essential oil*, white clay, red ocher.

*From organic farming

The set is presented in a beige linen pouch.


Each item is mixed, poured, sanded and sealed by hand.

Made in France with an acrylic resin, very resistant, solvent-free, non-toxic making it more environmentally friendly.

Items are protected with beeswax.

Heat resistant.

Non-slip pads on the bottom of the item.

Maintenance tips

Items are protected with beeswax.

Some tips for use:

- Do not put in the dishwasher

- Clean with a damp cloth

- Do not put liquid or fatty foods on it